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A message from our Coordinator

“2020 provided an unstable and unpredictable environment for our work. The COVID-19 pandemic caused terrible health outcomes, placed huge strain on health systems globally and created an increasingly difficult economic backdrop. This happened in parallel with a swiftly changing development context in the UK, through the merger of the FCO and DFID, as well as cuts to the 0.7% commitment.

Yet the pandemic also underscored the importance of our vision at Action for Global Health like never before; a world where the universal right to health is realised and everyone has access to the quality healthcare they need without being forced into financial hardship.

Political and public cognisance and interest in global health has never been higher; overnight, health was elevated to the top of the political and media agenda. There were many opportunities for us to grasp from the increased scrutiny around the UK’s role in global health. And whilst COVID-19 undoubtedly caused considerable strain on all of our members, particularly those delivering frontline health programmes, it also inspired greater recognition and support for collaborative and joined-up working within the network.

Responding to these needs and opportunities, in 2020 Action for Global Health doubled the size of our team, increased our membership and expanded our focus areas and reach. Through evolving how we engage and influence in a virtual world, we have been able to support our members through a difficult year and continue to hold the UK Government accountable to their role in global health.”

Katie Husselby | Coordinator

  • More than 50 dedicated members improving health for all
  • Doubled capacity to 4 AfGH staff members
  • 1 new partnership forged with Students for Global Health
  • 8 new AfGH members
  • 1 new and improved AfGH website
  • Over £70,000 raised in AfGH membership fees
  • Convened or supported 18 meetings between UK Government and civil society
  • Collated 95 case studies documenting the impact of Covid-19
  • Collected 50+ global health success stories
  • Stocktake Review published and endorsed by 30 global health organisations
  • 7 submissions to UK Parliament inquiries
  • 19 media hits highlighting the UK’s role in global health
  • 3 global health campaigns, supported by 20+ members

Action for Global Health is doing a fantastic job in mobilising civil society to help generate and sustain political commitment for UHC which is the foundation for truly universal and equitable health reforms.

– Robert Yates, Chatham House

  • January 1, 2021


    Consulted UK Government on their Ending Preventable Deaths’ Action Plan.

  • February 1, 2021


    Co-developed new
    Global Health Messaging Toolkit.

  • March 1, 2021


    Hosted global health parliamentary event with 20+ partners

  • May 1, 2021


    Launched AFGH/FCDO Covid-19 Taskforce, Covid-19 working group and case study database

  • May 1, 2021


    Conducted civil society town hall with WHO Director-General

  • June 1, 2021


    Amplified the voices of health workers speaking out on global health in the media

  • July 1, 2021


    Wrote to the Foreign Secretary to ensure the merged FCDO is focused on creating a healthier world

  • August 1, 2021


    Launched ‘UK Aid Works’ series with Global Citizen highlighting global health success stories

  • September 1, 2021


    Outlined our vision for the UK’s role in global health in our Stocktake Review

  • October 1, 2021


    #HealthyFutures campaign went live

  • November 1, 2021


    Launched our Climate Change and Global Health working group.

  • December 1, 2021


    Engaged the UK public to raise the profile of #UHCDay

Credit: Amref Health Africa / Sam Vox


I have worked with the Action for Global Health team on numerous occasions this year in my role as Co-Chair of the APPG on the UN Global Goals. Each of the engagements we have worked on together over the course of the year – from joint op-eds to parliamentary briefing events – have been of a high calibre and very successful. This is due to the team’s professionalism, their comprehensive knowledge of current issues and challenges, and their effective organisational skills. I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

– Rt Hon Lord Jack McConnell, Co-Chair, APPG on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Credit: Hannah Adcock / Save the Children


Credit: Save the Children / Hannah Adcock


2020 saw an exciting year of growth for the AfGH Team, as we welcomed Gjori Langeland and Melissa Jones to double our capacity as an organisation. We were also delighted to forge a new partnership with Students for Global Health, and take on a hosting role for Tafadzwa Kadye as their new Coordinator.

Cameron Boyle

Digital Campaigns and Media Officer
View Credentials

Katie Husselby

Network Manager
View Credentials

Nabila Saddiq Tayub

Membership Expansion and Policy Project Manager
View Credentials

Sabrina Bowen

Senior Fundraising and Development Officer
View Credentials

Melanie Scagliarini

Advocacy Officer
View Credentials

Working with AfGH and building on AfGH policy analysis will enable us to coordinate and co-create influential communications and campaigns on global health that resonate with students and youth. The closer bond and new capacity will see SfGH play an active and important role in engaging parliamentarians on global health issues and strengthening relationships at a local level.

– Harpreet Kaur, former National Director and current trustee, Students for Global Health

AFGH’s vision, mission and strategy continues to be guided and supported by our fantastic, dedicated Steering Committee, made up of senior representatives from six of our member organisations.


Médéric Engel

Students for Global Health Coordinator
View Credentials

Mike Podmore

View Credentials

Fiona Lawless

Health Policy Advisor, Sightsavers
View Credentials

Vinny Wooding

Senior Parliamentary Advocacy Officer, RESULTS UK
View Credentials

Dylan Bruce

Health Policy and Advocacy Adviser, Save the Children UK
View Credentials

Credit: Plan International | KM Asad


We are very grateful to our members, funders and partners who have helped us grow and mobilise global health civil society over the past year. A special thank you to STOPAIDS for hosting the network and supporting the AfGH team, and to Students for Global Health
who partner so closely with us.

We are also particularly grateful to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their continued support of our work.


Credit: Plan International / Patrick Kaplin


  • Access to regular meetings with UK Government, including opportunities to drive organisational priorities and profile new reports/learning
  • Invitations to select roundtables and meetings with UK Government on specific health issues (eg. access to medicines)
  • Invitations to high-level parliamentary events
  • Access to quarterly member meetings, including sharing learning and best practice
  • Regular updates and intel through the mailing list on global health developments and processes (both in the UK and globally)
  • Linking of members with mutual interest to collaborate on events, reports or policies
  • Connecting with global partners/networks (including UHC2030 CSEM through Coordinator’s role on Advisory Group) and thought leadership conversations around global health
  • Promotion of organisational events, reports and job opportunities through mailing list, social media and website
  • Access to Action for Global Health working groups and collaboration with members on joint policy positions and advocacy strategies
  • Coordinated parliamentary advocacy (including engagement with APPGs and relevant parliamentary committees)
  • Opportunities to input into key briefings and documents (eg. parliamentary committee inquiries, UHC briefings for parliamentary debates etc.)
  • Contribute to greater impact through collective advocacy (eg. joint letters to ministers)
  • Access to shared comms calendars, content databases and messaging toolkits
  • Joint communication and campaign initiatives through the AfGH Comms Taskforce

Membership of AfGH-UK has given us co-ordinated access to key policy makers and helped ensure the meningitis research Foundation has a voice at key meetings. As a member of AfGH a small charity is able to amplify it’s global health messages and gain great insights from the experience and expertise within the group.

– Rob Dawson, Meningitis Research Foundation

New strategy

In 2021, AfGH will run a consultative and inclusive process to develop our new vision, mission and strategy for 2021-2024. This process will enable us to reflect on our progress towards the 2030 global health goals and lessons learned over our last strategic period. We are looking forward to the opportunity for ‘big-picture’ thinking about our position, role and objectives as a network, examining how we respond to emerging movements such as decolonisation of global health and what the impact of COVID-19 means for us.

Making the most of key
2021 moments

2021 will see a plethora of opportunities for progress on global health, including the UK’s hosting of the G7 Presidency and

AfGH will be leading the development of the civil society health priorities for the UK’s G7 Presidency, and we will continue to engage with and influence the UK Government’s COVID-19 response, particularly in response to the proposed aid cuts. Our newly launched Climate Change and Global Health working group will also enable us to turn our attention to the intersections between these dual crises in the run-up to November’s climate summit.

Building public and
parliamentary influence

AfGH will continue to grow our public movement on global health, building on strong foundations  from 2020 and support for our #HealthyFutures campaign. We will also create a new parliamentary engagement strategy and champions model, identifying and working with key target parliamentarians to engage them on global health issues in 2021.

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