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AfGH and SfGH to forge a stronger partnership

Action for Global Health (AfGH) is proud to be strengthening its partnership with the UK wide student network, Students for Global Health (SfGH). 

SfGH holds almost 30 branches across the U.K. and is led by a National Committee, made up of individuals elected by the branches and affiliate organizations. It is the representative body of all UK medical students to the International Federation of Medical Students Associations, who represent medical students worldwide to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The new partnership will help build capacity to sustain SfGH’s policy, advocacy and communications work on global health, as well as ensuring it is coordinated with AfGH and other actors in the sector.

To do so, SfGH has recruited a full-time Coordinator to work alongside the National Committee and support the implementation of the organisational strategy with a focus on ensuring that global health is integrated into UK and international policy.

This role will work closely with AfGH, which is currently hosted by STOPAIDS. As such, STOPAIDS will also provide administrative and line management support to this role.

“Over the last year, AfGH and SfGH worked closely on initiatives aiming to educate and engage students on global health issues.” said Katie Husselby, Coordinator for AfGH. “We are thrilled to be formally strengthening this relationship and the influencing power of student voices to advocate for sustainable progress in global health.”

“Working with AfGH and building on AfGH policy analysis will enable us to coordinate and co-create influential communications and campaigns on global health that resonate with students and youth,” says Harpeet Kaur, Director for SfGH. “The closer bond and new capacity will see SfGH play an active and important role in engaging parliamentarians on global health issues and strengthening relationships at a local level.”

About Action for Global Health (AfGH) 

Action for Global Health (AfGH) is an influential membership network convening more than 50 organisations working in global health. We provide access to key decision-makers, joint advocacy and campaigning opportunities and the chance to participate in an active global health community to drive progress towards SDG-3.

About Student for Global Health (SfGH) 

Students for Global Health (SfGH) is a UK wide student network set up in 1996, tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action. We work to empower and train the 30+ branches in universities across the UK, with thousands of members, where students meet and engage in global health issues.


STOPAIDS is a membership network of 70 organisations with a distinguished thirty year history of engagement on international development and HIV and AIDS. We were established in 1986 as a network which were previously called UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development and the Stop AIDS Campaign.

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