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Action for Global Health stands with those working tirelessly to defeat COVID-19 across the globe. We stand in solidarity with our network and global partners working to support those disproportionately affected by health status, geography, age, gender or race; those for whom access to quality health services and sufficient prevention methods remains a daily challenge; and those facing financial hardship, unimaginable decisions, loss and pain.

We have an immediate and crucial opportunity to learn from the successes and mistakes of those countries first affected. The pandemic largely first hit in higher income countries with more advanced and resilient health systems and they were pushed to, and in many cases beyond, breaking point. We have a small window to distil lessons from the response to COVID-19 and other pandemics and provide meaningful support to low and middle income countries with fragile health systems to prevent potentially devastating impacts there.

Some lessons are already painfully clear. We need strong, resilient health systems everywhere to be able to respond to critical threats to global health security. We rely on a well trained, well resourced and protected health workforce to fight tirelessly to protect the public. We require the most vulnerable to be put at the heart of the response. We depend on leaders to champion international solidarity, through the crucial role of the World Health Organisation and other mechanisms, as well as on civil society and community responses, working together to reach the most marginalised.

There is one critical lesson that is intrinsic to them all. COVID-19 highlights that health is a right that we must protect where it is realised, and work tirelessly to fulfil where it is not.

The journey towards achieving health for all and leaving no one behind, must continue.

Our policy recommendations

UK Response

Here is how UK aid was used to respond to the crisis.

*The Department for International Development merged with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in September 2020 to create the FCDO.

October 2020

September 2020

July 2020

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