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Action for Global Health, Workshop Facilitator


Action for Global Health workshop on global health campaign messaging 

Project description:
Action for Global Health is looking for a comms expert to plan and facilitate a 3.5-hour campaign messaging workshop on 11th March. It will be attended by a taskforce made up of global health advocates with comms and campaigning roles in their respective organisations. We need to develop vibrant and relevant messaging on the UK's role in global health for an overarching campaign we will be running this year. The messaging will be informed by and support the policy recommendations in a stocktake report led by Action for Global Health on the UK's existing political, financial and programmatic commitments to global health. We also have a number of resources we can share in advance to inform the facilitator about where the current narrative (broadly accepted by the public) falls short in capturing the reality of global health, including data insights from a framing test exercise conducted with UK audiences. 


Recent data insights reveal global health has low penetration in UK media, limited public interest in and understanding of global health issues. At the same time, a number of NGOs have been exploring angles and language that the sector should use to strengthen public support for UK aid and pushing different variations of a '#AidWorks' narrative e.g. the Aid campaign resource centre and the Narrative project. To galvanise public support, we need a new narrative on global health that is vibrant, accessible and inclusive of the full health spectrum (NCDs, as well as mental and physical health).  


  • Workshop plan and preparation  
  • Workshop facilitation during which we will successfully develop a first draft of the campaign messaging  


Please submit your rate with your expression of interest. 

Expression of interest: 

Please email Ceri Jones ( by Thursday 5th March. 

If you would like to discuss this Terms of Reference before submitting an expression of interest, please contact Ceri.