Universal Health Coverage


What is Universal Health Coverage?

Universal health coverage (UHC) is the idea that everyone can access quality essential healthcare services without suffering financial hardship. Its goal is for everyone to have access to a full range of essential health services, including promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative care, based on need and not on ability to pay.


High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage

On 23rd September, a high-level meeting on UHC will be held at the United Nations General Assembly, co-facilitated by the Permanent Representatives of Georgia and Thailand. This meeting will bring together heads of state, political and health leaders, policy-makers, and UHC champions to advocate for health for all. 


The meeting will aim to garner financial and political commitments from countries and sustain health investments. It will focus on accelerating progress towards UHC, including access to essential health services, a skilled health workforce, financial risk protection and access to safe, quality, effective and affordable medicines and vaccines for all. The meeting will result in a political declaration on UHC, negotiated by Member States and endorsed by Heads of State.


Action for Global Health and UHC

The High-Level Meeting is a unique opportunity to galvanise global commitment and action to accelerate progress towards UHC globally. Action for Global Health have been advocating for the UK Government to play a leading role as a strong voice and champion of UHC at this meeting, particularly as a nation with decades of experience delivering publicly-funded healthcare which is free at the point of use.