UK Commitment to Global Health

In recent years, the UK has shown strong commitments to global health; they remain one of the largest governmental donors to health, second only to the US, and recently pledged £1.4 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. The UK has also championed critical global health issues, such as the AMR movement, as well as playing a central role in response to multiple Ebola outbreaks. 

However, DFID's last published strategy on global health expired in 2015, and they have stated that they do not plan to publish a new global health strategy. Additionally, their paper on Health Systems Strengthening has been delayed multiple times over recent years and is still yet to be published. In the absence of a strategy or any documentation surrounding the UK's contribution to global health, it is difficult to ascertain DFID's priorities or principles for investment. 

Action for Global Health monitors the UK's role in global health, and advocates to ensure that the UK government, NGOs and other key stakeholders renew their leadership and financial/political/programmatic commitment to achieving health for all by 2030, as outlined in Sustainable Development Goal 3.