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Action for Global Health launch NEW 2022-2025 Strategy

Action for Global Health are pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new 2022-2025 Strategy which outlines our ambitions and vision for AfGH’s work over the next four years with a central focus on achieving global health equity. 

Background: setting out a four-year plan 

In 2020-2021, we conducted a strategic review and new strategy development process, resulting in a strategic plan for 2022-2025 to guide and mobilise our influential network of more than 50 organisations. 

The diagram below outlines the structure of the new strategy and how our strategic priorities and approaches will work alongside each other: 

Our health equity principles  

At the centre of AfGH’s new 2022-2025 strategy, we will be led by the following health equity principles:  

  1. Centering the voices and experiences of people living with or communities affected by health inequities 
  2. Meaningful engagement 
  3. Inclusivity 
  4. Redressing systems (and history) which lead to health inequities 
  5. Continual learning 
  6. Mutual respect 
  7. Transparency and accountability 
  8. Appreciating intersectionality 
  9. Collectivism and solidarity 

Action for Global Health’s strategic priorities 

Our new 2022-2025 strategy sets out long-term strategic priorities, focused on addressing the most pressing developments and needs in the coming years. The following four overarching strategic priorities were identified and prioritised by AfGH members: 

1) UK Commitments to Global Health Equity  

AfGH will continue our focus on the UK’s role in achieving UHC globally, but with an enhanced and sharpened focus on ensuring political, financial and programmatic commitments that will contribute to improved health equity globally. Building on the strong relationships and multiple channels for engagement established with FCDO and parliamentarians over the period of the last strategy, AfGH will continue to act as the common platform for members to unify their voices and influence the UK Government.

2) UK and Health Systems Strengthening globally  

AfGH will advocate on Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) as a core approach in the UK’s work towards achieving health equity and UHC, building on the FCDO’s Health Systems Strengthening Position Paper. Where appropriate, AfGH will ground its work on HSS in WHO’s framework and building blocks (see Figure 2), as well as further exploring decolonisation of HSS, opportunities to integrate HSS with the COVID-19 response and recovery and increased resourcing for and meaningful engagement of people with lived experience, civil society and communities in LMICs in health governance and leadership.  

3) UK, Climate Change and Global Health Inequity  

AfGH will continue to develop our understanding and evidence base on the relationship between health inequity and climate change and advocate for stronger UK action in this field. This work will build from the policy recommendations outlined in our position paper on Climate Change and Health Inequalities and collaborations/partnerships fostered across sectors. 

4) UK and Social Determinants of Health  

AfGH will increasingly advocate for the UK to tackle the social determinants of health in order to improve health equity globally, expanding our remit beyond the impacts of climate change on health to other, additional determinants. The need to put greater emphasis on social determinants is underpinned by research which has shown that these can be more important than healthcare or lifestyle choices in determining health. How the network works on social determinants will evolve over time based on lessons learned and network capacity and resourcing.

Expanding Action for Global Health’s network membership  

AfGH is currently a UK-based and UK-majority network advocating on global health issues in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Our 2022-2025 strategy and our work on health equity will (at least initially) continue to primarily focus on LMICs, therefore LMIC-based organisations should be able to contribute to and influence the network. 

Whilst AfGH will remain focused on the role of the UK Government, we will be opening our membership to:  

  • Registered civil society organisations, people with lived experience of health inequities, organisations of persons with disabilities, health advocacy or communications organisations or networks, universities and research institutions, or private sector development consultancies based in LMICs working on health equity, including the social determinants of health, with an interest in the UK’s role in global health/and or experience in holding governments and global health stakeholders to account.  
  • Regional health networks whose vision are aligned with AfGH or who are working towards the attainment of SDG 3.  
  • UK Diaspora organisations with close connections with LMICs. 

If you would like to discuss membership please email AfGH’s Network Manager:

Strategy launch event 

Action for Global Health’s new 2022-2025 strategy will be officially launched on Tuesday 5th April, 13.00-14.00 (UK time) at a special webinar event.  

Speakers include:  

  • Dr Ellen Peprah – Youth Transforming Africa 
  • M/s. Kristine Yakhama – Coordinator, Good Health Community Programmes & General Coordinator, African Diabetes and Hypertension Association Kenya 
  • Dr Helena Davies – WHPCA (Direct Stakeholder) Trustee 

There will be simultaneous translation available in French and Spanish and sign language interpretation at the event, which will be hosted on zoom.  

Please join the event using this link.  

More information 

For more information on Action for Global Health’s 2022-2025 Strategy, including our vision, strategy goal, mission and the health equity principles underpinning the work we do, please read the full strategy here. 

If you are interested in joining the network or have any queries, please do contact Katie Husselby, Network Manager:

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