Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events from Action for Global Health. 

Past Events


24th September 2019 | Health and Climate - Advocating together to secure a common future (New York)

Action for Global Health, Wellcome Trust, Global Climate and Health Alliance, Global Health Council, Joep Lange Institute and the Foundation for Climate Restoration will co-host a consultation to convene organisations and individuals advocating for climate mitigation, adaptation and restoration and for better health to promote dialogue between these distinct communities, identify common interests and agendas and explore synergies and areas for future collaboration.


22nd September 2019 | Civil Society Advocacy beyond the UHC HLM (New York)

Action for Global Health, Joep Lange Institute, WACI Health, APCASO, and the Global Health Council will co-host a civil society consultation in New York, to discuss the future direction of global health advocacy beyond the UHC summit. 


10th September 2019 | How UK Action on NTDs is delivering Universal Health Coverage

The APPG for Malaria and NTDs, UK Coalition on NTDs and Action for Global Health will co-host a parliamentary briefing focusing on Universal Health Coverage as the means to achieve positive health outcomes on NTDs. 


15th July 2019 | Global Britain: UK Leadership on Global Health

Action for Global Health is delighted to be partnering with the Coalition for Global Prosperity, the APPG on Global Health and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to host a panel event in Parliament. 

Building on the momentum from the UK government's recent pledge to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, this event will celebrate the UK's role in global health and call for continued leadership on the global stag


4th June 2019 | Assessing the UK Context for Global Health - Where Next?

Action for Global Health and the Joep Lange Institute will co-host a private roundtable considering the UK's future role in achieving health for all.